Most women think menopause is the only cause of hormone imbalance, but there are others. For example anorexia and other eating disorders can lead to hormone imbalance. Other causes include medical conditions such as thyroid disorders, adrenal gland diseases, side effects of medications and severe stress. Also, someĀ hormone imbalance symptoms might be due to medical problems such as depression or PMS and are not necessarily due to a hormone imbalance, but they could be.

Hormonal imbalance can begin as early as age 35, many years before the onset of menopause! The decline in hormones, particularly testosterone, can be so gradual that the symptoms above can be present for many years before they start to become noticeable. Menopause is the final stage, when the production of female hormones nearly ceases altogether. Interestingly, even after menopause, the body will continue to produce testosterone and very small amounts of estrogen, but to a much lower degree than before menopause.